DAYS-daidai- DAYS-daidai - We introduced to the first overseas medical examination facility (Vietnam)

November 9th,2018

On September 26, 2018, “International University of Health and Welfare (IUHW)” collaborated with “National Cho Ray Hospital”, the first medical examination specialized facility opened a “Health Checkup Center (HECI)”, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

In this Health Checkup Center , our system “DAYS-daidai- (Healthcare System)” and “KENSHIN Plus (Health Examination Data Collection System)” used in correspondence with 3 languages of Japan, English and Vietnamese.

In the DAYS-daidai- system, we implemented the decision logic of “IUHW and Sanno Medical Center supervision”. By composite judgment, we have achieved advanced automatic judgment.
By switching the language (Vietnamese, Japanese, English) on the operation screen, Local staff's management education time has been shortened, then make the Vietnamese staff and Japanese staff worked together smoothly.
In addition, by DAYS-daidai- system can also supports 3 languages, we were able to provide a diagnostic report easy to understand for the examinees.

In HECI, besides DAYS-daidai- system, they also introduced other system, about inspection equipment, and image diagnostic device, by linking data with each system, we were able to share information among the floors and automatically input the inspection results.


On 14th October, We was invited to participate in the ceremony at the International University of Health and Welfare (IUHW), the National Cho Ray Hospital of Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City), who is the joint project of The Health Checkup Center (HECI)".A huge ceremony was held with about 300 participants including government officials from both Japan and Vietnam, persons responsible for local Japanese companies and local medical institutions, and medical equipment manufacturers.